Write, Tape and Create

Bullet Journaling and Where to Start


Kaleigh Zollman

While bullet journaling can get very complicated, its main purpose is to be an adaptable organizational system for users. For beginners, all that is required is a journal and a pen.

The rush of picking out a favorite marker, washi tape and stickers. The satisfaction when a page turns out just the way it was aimed to. Most importantly, the comfort of being organized. With so much to balance, it can be hard for teenagers to find a suitable organizational system. However, some students like sophomore Chloe Irwin have found their system in bullet journaling

It has helped me feel more organized,” Irwin said. “I think it has greatly improved my art skills and creativity. At the beginning of my bullet journaling journey, I copied many people and tried to replicate instead of creating and I think I have learned to stop copying and do my own thing.”

Bullet journalling is a flexible planning system that allows users to keep tasks on their to-do lists at a weekly and monthly glance. Created by designer Ryder Carroll, bullet journaling has exploded in popularity in the past few years, endless ideas of what to do in a bullet journal began to litter Youtube and Pinterest. 

“My life was a mess and I needed to organize it,” junior Trey Leasure said. “I have a friend who bullet journals and then I went on Pinterest for more inspiration. I use it to keep track of my goals for both the month and week. I also use it as a planner for my homework. Anything, even my dreams. It works for more.”
Beginning a bullet journal does not require expansive art skills or expensive supplies. In fact, more experienced journalers recommend starting small because bullet journaling is not for everyone. For those who are new to bullet journaling, the first step is buying a journal and a pen. As one grows, they can advance into the use of supplies such as markers, washi tapes and brush pens. 

“Do your research,” junior Rylie Johnson said. “You don’t have to get anything fancy. I started with Crayola Super Tips. Figure out the basics first. Figure out what you want to do for a spread before you do it, and you’ll be happier with the product. Before I do a spread, I like to watch Amanda Rach Lee’s Youtube videos for inspiration.”

A benefit of bullet journaling is the sense of mindfulness it provides to users. It encourages one to get tasks accomplished, promotes creativity and helps goals to be met. It is different from other planners because it allows one to express their artistic ability.

I think the benefit is creating your own journal,” Irwin said. “Not being in the constructs of a pre-made one. It is also a creative outlet for artwork. I love to doodle in my journals. It also helps to get ideas out of your head. Whenever I am super stressed about life I pull out my bullet journal and create a to-do list.” 

Despite the misleading name, bullet journaling is something that is very helpful for not only one’s creativity but also their wellbeing. Bullet journaling can promote positive thoughts and productivity by being a fun way to keep thoughts organized. All-in-all, to begin bullet journaling all one needs is a journal and pen.