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The Mandalorian Launches on Disney+



On Nov. 12, 2019, Disney released “The Mandalorian” series, which streams on Disney+. Fans flocked to see the new successful production.

The Star Wars community is arguably the most passionate fan base for all Hollywood production. The community has been together for more than forty years and continues to appeal to every age. The many wonderful films, well-crafted television series, interesting lore and lovable characters make the science fiction blockbuster a must-see. On Nov. 12, 2019, Disney released “The Mandalorian” series, which streams on Disney+. Fans flocked to see the new successful production.
Since Disney bought the Star Wars franchise in 2012, the incorporation of CGI has been the greatest part under the new ownership. “The Mandalorian” raises this standard to a greater margin with the veteran producer, Dave Filoni, returning to the studio for film production. Filoni has been a star producer of the franchise from his work in the television series, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars: Rebels”. He continues the great work in this series. The visual effects are pleasing because of the wonderful costume design, beautiful settings, and background characters. Along with the beautiful character design, the videography is spot on.
The masked figure himself, the unnamed Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), fits his role that series creator Jon Favreau formed. In lore, Mandalorians are given a sinister and sneaky personality\; partially because they can never remove their war helmet. The bounty hunters are silent for the majority of the time, only speaking when in conversation with a high ranking official or for intimidation purposes. The silent persona creates a still but mysterious image. Favreau strove to perfect his characters this way, so he ensured that the Mandalorian made every limited action valued. The fan can only see his emotion through the slight tilt of his helmet and his hand movement towards a weapon. If the fan misses those two key details, the only other way to understand him is to try to interpret the Mandalorian’s emotions through his dark facemask. Every action by the hunter is methodical. Every blaster shot is on point, and every other battle movement compliments his persona. Jon Favreau wanted this all to put on the views on the edge of their seats and to engage curiosity.
Favreau also created the character that brought back a lot of memories for fans. The viewers have named this child, “Baby Yoda,” referencing the Jedi Grandmaster who appeared in every prequel and original movie. Baby Yoda has been a soft spot for the Mandalorian, and it is so interesting to see this alien child change his world in such a drastic way. You can see through the mask that the Mandalorian’s usual hard strong and emotionless demeanor is overcome by love and gentleness for the child. The purpose and background of Baby Yoda have not been revealed, but he continues to enlighten every fan with his presence on-screen.
The series teases fans in so many ways, keeping them on the edge of their seats, and this is just from the visual effects and the choreography. The storyline may somehow top both of these elements. The willingness and relentless passion that the bounty hunter displays when he hunts down his targets puts the viewer in a pure state of awe. The Mandalorian acts so quickly and decisively, adding yet again to the amazing Mandalorian lore. Only five episodes of the series have come out thus far, but there is enough content in the 30-minute episodes to rival a movie.
The story was amazing and followed traditional Star Wars lores and character behaviors. The journey that the Mandalorian goes through is so intriguing and captivating that it leaves the fans longing for the next episode. The plotline is full of ups and downs, wins and defeats, triumphs and hardships that make the series as mesmerizing as it is. Even for the casual fans of the Star Wars franchise, this is a wonderful installation in the series.
The visual effects, character development, choreography and storyline make The Mandalorian series a wonderful Disney production. Fans can expect Disney+ to carry this impressive start to the succeeding episodes. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is a diehard or casual Star Wars fan, but also to people who just enjoy quality films. This production is a piece of art and makes the Star Wars franchise all the better.