More Than a Deputy

Deputy Dale Shares the Key to Success and Safety

Behind the Badge: Walking the halls, Deputy Dales makes sure everyone is safe and doing what they are supposed to. He is always ready to act in case of an emergency.


Behind the Badge: Walking the halls, Deputy Dales makes sure everyone is safe and doing what they are supposed to. He is always ready to act in case of an emergency.

Emma Mayer, Copy Editor

A school resource officer is an officer whose responsibility is to enforce crime prevention and safety in schools. Although the badge and uniform can be intimidating, Deputy Dale LaSonde, a Sarpy County Sheriff, works to ensure that students can attend classes safely and comfortably. To help students feel more comfortable, he prefers to be called Deputy Dale. 

“The most rewarding part about my job is the interactions with the students here at Gretna High School, the friendships I have made, and seeing them that go on to be successful in life outside of high school,” Deputy Dale said. “If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people and know yourself and always seek self-improvement.” 

Positive interactions and seeking self-improvement are just two things students can do to make classrooms more positive. Deputy Dale works hard to ensure students are comfortable and maintain a positive environment, to sustain a positive environment, Deputy Dale takes care of bullying right away.

“Bullying is a dynamic that a lot of people don’t understand.”Deputy Dale said. “Really it’s just simple and it goes back to things I was taught when I was a kid. Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. And what it comes down to is just be nice, kind and understanding with each other. We have been fortunate where we don’t have a school where there is a lot of fighting. Most reports of bullying isn’t actually bullying, usually it’s just two students bickering back and forth.” 

As complex as it may seem, a simple solution to bullying is to be kind. As the number of bullying declines, paraphernalia use rises. Vaporizers, better known as vapes, are electronic cigarettes that mimic the behavior and effects of smoking. As the vaping epidemic grows, so does their presence in schools. 

“My biggest heartache and the biggest problem we have is some type of substance abuse amongst the student population,” Deputy Dale said. “Whether it’s Marijuana, alcohol or vaping. All are equally harmful.” 

Although not as harmful as traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can be just as addictive. With the development and building of the new parking lot, it can get a little crazy and crowded. These issues can cause an unsafe environment where he has to step in. It is important for students to drive slow and be cautious. Safety is always the number one objective.

“Slow down in the parking lot.” Deputy Dale said. “For the split-seconds, they may save by driving fast, it’s going to cost them minutes to hours and lots of money if they hit a car or a person. Pedestrians have the right of way of all vehicles. If someone is crossing the street or walking across, it is the law, you must stop.” 

 Deputy Dale works hard to ensure the safety of students on a daily basis, whether it is simple things like guiding students through bullying or more complex situations such as accidents in the parking lot. In circumstances where the school may not be safe, Deputy Dale is always ready to act.