Student Study Center

An Efficient Way Method for Student Learning

WORKING HARD – Student Austin Boettger (23) goes to the math center to work on his homework. The students can work on various things while they are at the center. “When we do reassessment in the math department it also provides some extra support to make sure that they have learned from any mistakes they’ve made previously,” Math teacher Ryan Garder said.

Math classes are filled with confused looks and questions galore, math is a very difficult subject and some students never fully grasp the problems that they are trying to learn. Although math can be very hard, the staff at GHS tries to make it easier for students by having a math tutoring center.
“We thought, well how can we pool our efforts and get more teachers involved,” math teacher Mr. Garder said. “and how to get more students involved and make it more efficient.”
The math center was put together by all the math teachers. The students in their classes were all having the same questions that needed to be answered, so the teachers thought of a way to make answering questions easier and it could make them stop running around all the time. The teachers developed the plan for the math center four years ago, and a year later it was put into action and students actually started coming into the library. The math teachers have worked very hard to put the center together even if they teach different things.
“Every teacher has taught and has a very good understanding of Algebra or Geometry,” Mr Garder said. “So all teachers can help with those subjects even if they teach different things.”
The center accepts all of the grades and if the student is having trouble with one certain thing, like Algebra or Geometry, there is always someone around to help. When the highschooler goes to the center they all have to sign in. To sign in there is a QR code which the student scans with their phone. After they scan the code a quick google doc will pop up on their phone all they have to do is fill it out and after they are done they sit at a table and start working on whatever they need help on. The students have many reasons they go to the math center.
“Well I hope it’s a place where students can come in and take tests and receive math help whether they’ve been gone or also just make adjustments to things,” Mr Garder said. “When we do reassessment in the math department it also provides some extra support to make sure that they have learned from any mistakes they’ve made previously.”
The main reason that students come in is because they are gone and they need to catch up on their work. The students come in to work on missed tests or work that they need help completing.
“My favorite part about the math center is probably the fact that I can go there without understanding something and leave confident in my ability to do that type of math,” freshman Mia Yungtum said. “I have definitely seen improvement from when I went to the math center I always understand more and can get things I’m confused about clarified.”
The math center is beneficial for all students and it is beneficial for teachers as well. The teachers don’t have to run around and answer the same questions all the time. The students get a chance to meet new teachers that aren’t their own. It is a chance to experience other teachers’ teaching methods.
“It is just a great opportunity for us as teachers to work together,” Garder said. “And it helps out students as well and it’s a good opportunity for kids to get to know teachers.”