Room Book Review

Home Sweet Room


Claire Sallee

If you’re interested in reading this book, find it in the Horror/Mystery section of the library.

After asking my classmate junior Sophia Allen about what I should write about for my quarter two opinion piece, we started discussing books we enjoyed. We made a list of our favorite titles and decided to pick out a book for the other to read. We went to the library and scoured the shelves for our favorite novels. Allen picked out the book “Room” by Emma Donoghue for me, and I picked out the book “Sawkill Girls” by Claire Legrand for her.
Once I picked up my book and read the description, I immediately recognized the book from a trailer for the movie I had watched a couple of years ago. The description laid out the plot and hinted at what would happen at first glance, I was excited to indulge. I usually read horror, mystery, science fiction or fantasy books and “Room” fell into the mystery/drama genre.
“Room” began with a slow introduction to the characters Ma and her five-year-old son Jack and their day to day activities inside of their room. The book is from Jack’s perspective so his description of how he sees things around the room and visualizes the outside world is distorted due to his age. It was interesting to read. After the slow introduction and description of how the room looked, it began to dive more into how they ended up in the room and who put them there.
Ma was kidnapped by a man who Jack calls “Old Nick” because he only comes at night like Santa Claus. When he took Ma from her college campus at 19 years old, she was put in “Old Nick’s” garden shed that he turned into a soundproof, inescapable room. Unfortunately, Old Nick also got Jack’s mom pregnant years later. After years in the room, Ma began to make an escape plan.
I enjoyed this book and the creative concept, although it is horrific. I also enjoyed the wholesome ending where Jack got to be with his grandma and experience the world for the first time. Donoghue is known for writing historical fiction and contemporary novels, but I think “Room” is excellent even though it’s not her usual writing style. I would rate this book as an 8 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good adrenaline rush.