Swift Hand of Uncle Sam

White House Responds to COVID-19



In the wake of the World Health Organization’s alleged coverup for the Chinese Communist regime, President Donald J. Trump cut national funding for WHO. “[It] will be interesting to see how Trump deals directly with [President] Xi in regards to their handling of the pandemic,” social studies instructor Mr. Jon Swanson said. “He has spoken favorably about Xi and their efforts [before], but then withholds money from the WHO. I am sure there are some specific needs from China that we will need, especially involving medications and chemical agents for testing etc., so I am sure there will need to be some negotiation.” China has yet to respond to these actions.

Over the past two months, the White House made many statements and took needed action towards the global response to the COVID-19 pandemics. The joint force between Congress and the White House has rolled out billions of dollars in aid to foreign nations and even offered to give aid to adversaries. Some praised this effort by the federal government, but others have raved against it.
“We’ve shipped out billions of dollars,” said junior Colton Smith. “[That is] with a ‘B’, out to foreign nations to help combat COVID-19. But that money could have easily been used to help better our people.”
This is the argument used by many in the midst of the worldwide panic. The United States has sent aid to the other six countries that have the highest levels of cases because of their increasing COVID-19 cases. All these nations are allies to America.
“I believe that our government should spend more time putting America first, and not worrying as much about other countries,” Smith said. “It is not our job to babysit the world. There’s a difference in defending our interests abroad, and being a red white and blue babysitter.”
The other side of this argument favors global health that will eventually trickle down to help national health, which is the current approach of the government. The World Health Organization advocates, too.
“Like any other alliances, I would believe the benefit will simply be sharing: sharing information, sharing data about COVID-19, sharing supplies, and hopefully sharing support,” social studies instructor Mr. Jon Swanson said. “Most of our allies are also dealing with the pandemic, so probably not getting a lot of ventilators, masks, etc. but maintaining those alliances would be beneficial in the long run.”
The globalization of aid has led to many problems, but the source of it all boils down to only one nation: the Chinese regime. Over the course of several months, the Communist oligarchy has lied about its COVID-19 cases and the source. There are many credible reports from both news outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, and speculation by the CIA that this virus was Chinese created. This accusation has sent foreign ties with China rampant. Drastic measures have been suggested by the government.
“In the future, I don’t think American economic interests should involve China in the capacity that they did before the epidemic,” Smith said. “I believe the stigma of their Communist regime hiding the COVID-19 virus will stick around for a long time, and American manufacturers should consider closing their factories in China and start manufacturing more products in the United States.”
Economic and political measures have already been taken in the backlash of China. This only seems to be the start.
“It has been more widely discussed that the president has taken action against the World Health Organization by withholding money from them based on their handling of info on COVID-19 from China,” Mr. Swanson said. “This has been debated on both sides of being either the right thing to do or wrong steps to take at this time of crisis in the world regarding pandemics.”
Needless to say, aid and action towards other nations will not end soon. As COVID-19 is plateauing for the summer, the United States continues to rush aid to nations for the supposed “summer break.” With the hope that the virus will pass soon, America is bracing for the fallout of this fight with China.