Reverie, A Different Kind of Daydream

Magic and an Unpopular Opinion


Art by Emma Mayer

Dream, dream, dream. In a world were one’s simple fantasies come to life and take over the world around them, ‘the others’ consisting of Kane, Elliot, Ursula and Adeline, work to unravel the Reveries. By using their special gifts, they learn how to play the game of the Reverie, then take it down. In this novel, friends betray friends and new allies aren’t who they seem to be. Who can Kane trust? Read to find out.

Lost in one’s thoughts, also known as a daydream or spacing out. For many daydreams are seemingly harmless but in Kane Montgomery’s world those simple thoughts are projected and take over reality. The one person who can unravel them does not have any memories. Kane and his friends who are known as “The others” band together to unravel these Reveries and help keep them from altering the true reality of the world.
“Reverie” by Ryan La Sala was one of the books I received in my first Book of the Month YA box. I was super eager to read it\; I actually bought an extra credit and added it to my box. After an eager wait and quick read, I was left a little disappointed. I thought the base of the story was unique and well written, but I felt, overall, the story lacked the excitement needed to hook its readers.
Although the book is highly reviewed, it could be better and does not deserve the hype. In a way, the storyline moves very slowly, not a good kind of slow, but an “I do not want to finish the book,” slow. I felt that many moments in the book were over-explained and the unimportant parts were given too many pages. But, the major parts were rushed and barely explained. It felt like the author took his time in the beginning then got tired and rushed to finish the book.
The main characters are supposed to be loved by the audience and carry the book, but I found Kane to be annoying and poorly developed. He came off as a selfish and self-absorbed character rather than the selfless hero he was meant to be.
All-in-all I was very disappointed in “Reverie” by Ryan La Sala. Although I am a very big fan of magical books, I found the overall book dull, annoying and just not for me. I would not recommend this book to anyone but feel it is a book that depends solely on one’s personal taste. I would give the book two out of five stars and I will not read the book again.