Tribute to the Seniors

A Night to Remember


Madison Nash

As the cars started to line up the lights started to light up at 8:20. “It was really awesome to see, so many people showed up,” Kinsey Johnson (20) said. “It made me feel really special that our school did that for us.” Many seniors and their families drove around it a circle of the back parking lot to show the seniors how special they really are.

On April 16th, the cheer team held a tribute to the seniors and all the seniors in spring sports that did not get the season they wanted. Students and their families were invited to show up in their car and honk at 8:20 for 20 minutes in honor of the seniors.

Madison Nash
Right before the lights shut off, the Gretna Fire Department showed up flashing their red, white, and blue lights to give the seniors a special surprise. “I think that the fire department showing up was really the best part of it all,” Kate Zeleny (20) said. “That was the part were I felt the most special and that not only our school but the community was there for us.” The Fire Department was the last car to show up and the lights turned off shorty after.

“My husband told me that Giltner, a small town that we cheered for last year, was doing this and asked if Gretna was,” cheer coach Mrs. Sarah Chagnon said. “I thought it would be a great idea, so I asked the athletic director if it would be possible for the cheer team to organize it.”
A snowstorm hit Gretna the morning of and snowed all throughout the day. Four inches of snow still did not stop the people that showed up to show their support.
“I thought the snow would be helpful to keep people in their cars!” Mrs. Chagnon said. “I know we all want to see each other and spend time together, but it’s safest for us to stay apart. The snow was really pretty with the stadium lights and the scoreboard, so I thought it was actually okay to have a random April blizzard that night.”On the new soccer field, the scoreboard was set at 20 20 and the time was 20:20 and both sets of lights on the soccer field and football field were lit for 20 mins.
“I hope this small event gave the seniors a memory,” Mrs. Chagnon said. “They are missing so many senior events, so many memories. I know it’s not much, but at least they know their cheer team is still cheering for them, their community is thinking of them, and their teachers are missing them.”