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Sites To Keep Us Somewhat Sane


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Students can use websites like Emulator and Kaleidosyncis to entertain themselves. These websites are great options to play with family or by yourself.

During this uneasy and difficult time, it is important to stay as clear-minded and calm as possible. With social interactions cut off almost completely for people, staying calm can be a struggle. While staying indoors to help prevent the risk of COVID-19 spreading, reading books, watching Netflix and doing online work can only hold a student’s interest for so long. Here are a few websites that might help distract the mind.
For those that have an interest in retro video games, the website Emulator is a great way to occupy one’s time. This website gives access to hundreds of online games for free. They have everything from Mario games all the way to Pokemon games. There are 186 pages of games to choose from and they are addicting!
For the music geeks, Kaleidosyncis is going to have you drooling. After connecting a Spotify account to the website, choose any song and it will pull up a screen of graphics. The screen plays along with the song, its movements going with the beats and bass drops. Whatever song you choose, a hypnotic illusion will be played and you will not want to look away.
“There were a few different options to choose from for the visuals and I could adjust them however I wanted. I could choose to display the album cover and song details or not, and it automatically synced up to my Spotify account.” junior, Miranda Parkinsons said. “As the songs played he visuals matched the beat. It lagged a bit and was quite repetitive, so not as intriguing as I thought it would be but it was still cool nonetheless.”

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Cards Against Humanity is another website that would be fun to play with friends. Through doing this online, you can stay following the rules of quarantine and interacting with friends.

After watching tons of movies and cartoons, the thought of, “Which Character” might pass through your mind. This website, Open-Source Psychometrics Project, asks a series of questions to tell which character describes best to the answers given. After answering all of the questions, the website calculates your answer and within minutes a character is chosen.
“I took the test and I got the results. It took me ten minutes or so and the results seemed pretty accurate.” junior, Mckenzie Gunsully said. “I ended up getting a character from The Office.”
While this website is rated PG-13, you can play the famous Cards Against Humanity with friends. The game is perfect to play while practicing social distancing. The entertaining game is like Apples to Apples and has basic rules that are easy to understand.
“When my friends and I started to play the game, we were all super confused at first. It got super chaotic because we didn’t know what to do, but we got the hang of it and it turned out really fun.” sophomore, Makenna Dziurawiec said. “It really helped brighten quarantine.”
Through these websites, staying distracted may be a little easier. If not, going back to reading books and watching Netflix works too.