Sending Letters to Loved Ones

Writing Their Way Through Quarantine


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The cards shown were written to nursing homes and families by the Hydeen family. These cards were written to show that they are being thought of in this difficult time.

On average one in thirty people write a letter rather than send a text due to the technology and electronic industry improving and growing every day. However, while in quarantine, people have had more time to sit down and take the extra few minutes to write a heartfelt card. Freshman Lillian Hydeen and her family had the idea of sending cards to nursing homes, extended family members, former teachers, and to her grandpa.
COVID-19 is affecting everyone, some people more than others. Hydeen and her family faced the hard news when her grandpa was the first positive case of COVID-19 in his area. It was hard for them because he did not have the energy to give updates to his family. He was drained of energy and appetite. Since they could not visit him or help like they wanted to, they wanted to try and make his day just a little bit more tolerable. They decided to send him some cards.

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This is one of the many cards made. It shows the creativity and time put into each and every one. Filled with bible verses, quotes, and a sign-off, each card holds it’s one unique feature.

“My dad loved the cards he got and it gave him something to do while stuck in a tiny hospital room,” Mrs. Andrea Hydeen said. “He received over 80 cards and the nurses taped them up on his wall to cheer him up a little.”
The cards did not take long to make but were full of artistic creativity. They were filled with drawings, Bible verses, words of encouragement, and some even had 3D pop-out art.
“For the cards that were sent to the nursing home, we had them pop out with flowers,” Hydeen said. “We also put encouraging messages because they can’t have any visitors during this time. I also put Bible verses in other ones.”
While quarantined, people are not allowed to see their sick relatives at a time when they may need their family the most. The Hydeen family was happy to make a person’s day a little bit brighter during this dark time.