Mask Fashion Show


Submitted Photo

Mother and Daughter: Mrs. Rhodes and her daughter, Lauren wear their masks as they prepare to go for their weekly grocery shopping trip. They made the masks from the material that used to be on the bulletin boards in Mrs. Rhodes’ classroom.

Kaleigh Zollman, Online Editor

With the CDC recommending that everyone wears a mask when going out into public, masks have become a part of daily life. When going to the grocery store, shoppers see employees and others wearing masks. When Douglas and Sarpy county restaurants, salons and retail stores open on May 4, it will become a new normal to see employees wearing masks. Although no one is used to wearing masks, some people are getting creative and trying to make them as fashionable as possible.

According to the CDC, face masks should properly fit your face, be secured via tying or looped on the ears, have multiple layers of fabric, while still allowing proper breathing. It is very important that face masks are made and worn correctly. This protects everyone. If you have more questions about mask protocol or want to know how to make your own, the CDC offers more information here.

The gallery below showcases Gretna staff members and students sporting their masks.