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Opportunities for Fans During COVID-19


Ethan Menning

Practice Cannot Make Perfect Due to COVID-19, the Nebraska Cornhuskers band and football teams are unable to prepare for their upcoming seasons. This pandemic hit ever sport, even those out of season.

COVID-19 halted many everyday activities, including vast amounts of entertainment for sports fans. Every major sports association has either been postponed or canceled. Sports are a pastime for many American households, and fans are now faced with an unimaginable world without sports.
Even though there are no big-league games, sports providers like ESPN, MLB Network and NBA TV are broadcasting old reruns of games. These games obviously do not hold the same thrill that live games do, but they still give fans some joy for the time being. Plus, it is always a great experience to watch historic games in this unique era.
I enjoy seeing Michael Jordan and George Brett on my screen and watching the historic performances they put up. I have always enjoyed these games because of the lasting memories from these games, and they give me a sense of hope. If players like Jordan and Brett could push past the adversity in their games, then the average person should be inspired to battle through a pandemic.
ESPN is also streaming more episodes of its “30 for 30” series. These documentaries give the behind the scenes during the season, trades, management issues, free agency and player drama. A recent “30 for 30” was released and is titled “The Last Dance.” This series revolves around Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls. This is a ten-episode documentary.
Fans should be very excited about this because it seems that information was not revealed when Jordan left the Bulls. I imagine that fans will flock to see what this “30 for 30” has to say about the greatest player in basketball history and his team. Not only are there interviews with Jordan himself and other famous Bulls, but there are also game clips and front-office decisions that are highlighted. This should be a very interesting series.
ESPN is also streaming videogames on air. The gaming company “NBA 2K” set up a players’ tournament that streams nightly. This tournament has NBA players from opposing teams going head to head with each other using simulated professional basketball teams. It is interesting to watch them use teams that they would match up against in real life as their own. Between the trash talk, rivalries, and animations, players realize that this is about the closest experience to an actual game that they can give to fans.
COVID-19 has halted sports for amateurs and professionals, but the love for sports still exists. Fans are continuing to flock to see the sports reruns and documentaries with a passion to see games back on the air. If ESPN and other broadcasting companies can expect anything, it is that fans will flock back in larger numbers than ever when sports do return. All national athletics are suspended indefinitely.

Ethan Menning
American Pastime Washed Away- Major League Baseball teams, like the featured Kansas City Royals, had their season suspended indefinitely. What was a season for thousand of Americans to bond over is now only a memory of something great.