Passion For Music

Students’ musical taste has different perspectives


Graphic by Ella Pederson

Music can be a way to get an idea of what a student’s personality is like and gives them a way to express themselves without using words. Each genre has an eloquent connection behind it, which gives a listener a unique feeling or emotion. There are many different types of music that feed into a variety of musical tastes.
“I find the overall vibe of the music and how it sounds has more of an effect on me than the lyrics,” senior Caleb Jones said. “Once I know a song well and start to really comprehend the music, then it adds a deeper relationship I have with that song,”
There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to selecting the most popular genre in GHS. Country is at the top of the list for many students. The traditional, homey feeling it creates is definitely a favorite. Rap is also becoming more and more popular as summer draws near, with the upbeat, lively feeling it shares.
“When it comes to genres, country and rap have definitely had an impact on me as I use it to get in a good mood,” sophomore Callie Nickerson said. “I’ve had many choices of music to listen to, so rap and country are definitely my go-to genres.”
When it comes to a student’s music taste, what they listen to can have an effect on their day. Whether it be exhilarating or emotional, the song can be a helpful source throughout their study time or being social with friends while music plays in the background. According to, it can help a student focus on their work and be more socially active. During school, students can use this as a tool in many ways such as persistence, listening skills and reducing stress.
“Music is an emotional thing, not necessarily sad, but it is job to bring out the emotions in us, and I think it’s doing its job when it makes us feel something,” junior Noelle Williams said. “It’s definitely easy for me to appreciate the music I listen to since it gives an impact on how I listen to music.”
Students get their music from different platforms across the internet. TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat have many ways of bringing attention to all sorts of music worldwide. The short clips of a song can explain what the name of the song is, and who the artist is, and then would eventually lead to a world of different types of music.
“I find emotion in almost every piece I play and listen to,” Jones said. “Music is such a major part of my life, and it reflects in my tastes. My music is diverse enough that I find every emotion within my playlists.”
With every unique music taste each student has, being able to match energy to moods when needed or getting to know someone with similar tastes can be important. This can be an opportunity to inspire so many different opportunities.