Coach McLaughlin to Establish GEHS Boys Track


Coach McLaughlin and his family.

With the widely talked about split of Gretna taking place in the upcoming school year, very few students, teachers, parents or coaches can say that they have been a part of starting a new school. For Mr. Sean McLaughlin, that is not the case. Back when Millard West High School first opened, Coach McLaughlin had the privilege to go through what his new and upcoming players will have to go through.
“With that, I know some of the challenges that are in front of us,” Coach McLaughlin said. “So that’s a little bit of an advantage for me.”
With his dad coaching football and switching roles a few times, Coach McLaughlin grew up all over Nebraska, but he claims Omaha as his home considering he graduated from Millard West. Wanting to pursue his football career as a quarterback after high school, he took his talents to the University of South Dakota (USD). After four years at USD, Coach McLaughlin transferred to Wayne State College to play under his dad one last year.
McLaughlin will coach the Gretna East High School boy’s track team when the school opens.
After Coach McLaughlin’s football career ended, he changed gradually into his first teaching job in Yankton, South Dakota, which lasted two years. During these two years, he spent a little time coaching basketball and football for the school. Being drawn closer to home, he switched jobs and spent the next eight years at Papillion La-Vista. As of the past six years, he has settled at Papillion La-Vista South as one of the football coaches and head track coach.
“As of now, I am teaching German,” Coach McLaughlin said. “I’ve taught various elements of social studies though. Whether it was government sociology, world history and psychology.”
Despite Coach McLaughlin having a huge focus for sports, he can also be found doing almost everything with his children, Miles (7) and Maci (5), with his wife of nearly 14 years, Heather. From playing golf with Miles to dolls and babies with Maci, he does it all for them.
“My kids and I do everything together,” Coach McLaughlin said. “I follow them to all of their activities.”
With his being the head track coach at Papillion La-Vista, there is no question that Coach McLaughlin has experience. On the track side of things, he likes to see what kids can do and see them push their bodies past their limits.
“Track allows me to get to know athletes on a more personal basis,” said Coach McLaughlin. “But for football, it feels like you’re constantly yelling at the kids.”
Like most coaches who have obtained a job at Gretna East, Coach McLaughlin is excited for him and the other coaches to build culture instead of moving into a pre-existing school and building around the previous culture.
“As an outsider, I’ve always been jealous of Gretna since it’s such a tight-knit community,” Coach McLaughlin said. “Now my family gets to experience that.”