Prom and Post Prom: Dancing at the Museum, Walking through Candyland


Madie Petrick

Spencer Ward (23) and Jace Erdkamp (24) run into each other at the end of the inflatable slide. The slide was one of several activities at Post Prom.

The GHS Prom and Post Prom was a much awaited day. The parents of this year’s juniors decorated the whole school with the theme of Candyland. The dance was hosted at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum.
“My favorite part about prom was the coronation because I enjoy the process and seeing who becomes the royalty,” senior Camryn Podany said. “Prom was a good experience for me because I got to spend it with my best friends.”
Prom is exciting for many high school students because it is an unforgettable event and a tradition for most schools. At Gretna, students attend the dance with a date or a group of friends and then go to post prom at the high school afterwards.
“The dance was held at the Air and Space Museum, and I loved the energy every one brought to the dance floor,” sophomore Alyssa Belitz said. “The best part of the dance for me was the location. I think it was super cool to be under a bunch of planes.”
After the dance students were given the option to attend Post Prom at the school. This year, the school was decorated to fit the Candyland theme. Decorations of candies, colorful lights and other game board-related things gave the school a whole different feel.
“Post Prom was definitely more fun for me,” junior Jace Erdkamp said. “There was so much to do. It almost didn’t feel real. The best part of post prom is tough but I think people had a lot of fun with the mechanical bull and the bouncy houses. The decor was awesome. They completely transformed the high school.”
This year’s Prom and Post prom was a great success for all students who attended, and a great way to wrap up the end of the school year. Seniors were given an opportunity to hang out with their friends before graduation and leave high school with good memories.