This Starry Night Will Never Die

Show Choir Season Ends


Mia Yungtum

Brenna Herrold (23) dances and sing s during the ipening number of Revolution’s “Starry Night.”

Beginning the season way back in July, show choir has finally come to an end. Finishing off the season with a finale and farewell to seniors, the season has come to its close.
“The best thing I did this year was join show choir,” Cora Rogers said. “I feel bittersweet about being a senior in show choir, and wish I would have done it more.”
The theme of this year’s show for Revolution was ‘Starry Night,’ directed by Mrs. Katelyn Wallace. For many performers, this unique show presented new and exciting challenges along with the ability to get better at all things show choir.
“The best thing about Revolution is that we truly are a team,” junior Arabelle Horst said. “Everyone in there wants to be there, and we’re always striving to improve. Our goal is always to make each performance better than the last.”
Mrs. Wallace came up with this theme through inspiration from the song “The Starry Night,” by Matt Dahan. When this song came up on her discover weekly, the whole set for the show came together within the next twelve hours.
“I thought it was really beautiful, and I had never heard a group do it before,” Wallace said. “I just kind of thought, ‘Could I come up with a whole show that is Starry Night themed,’ leading to me doing some research on Van Gogh and his life, and it all just kind of came together very quickly.”
With a unique show and a fully committed team, Revolution practiced every part of it to perfection. For many of these dancers and singers, show choir is a way to make new friends and learn new skills.
“The best memory from show choir is our first competition at Papio South when we won,” junior Jordan Thomas said. “It was just that we weren’t expecting it, and we were all crying and jumping around and it was just very exciting. It boosted our drive for the rest of the year.”
A season full of hard work and commitment can lead any group to success. For Revolution, a season of dedication resulted in new relationships, skills and victory.