Coach Beran Set to Lead GEHS Boys Cross Country

Dedication to a sport takes more than just showing up and saying one was there. In reality, it means to be putting in the work, staying focused and following the path that leads to greatness in the end. Cross country is more than just running, it is a mind game of pushing one to go past their limit and using that dedication to drive them. Starting a new program entails this new challenge and putting a coach at the forefront of it can shape the program for the future. The district has done just this by hiring Mr. Paul Beran to be the first boys’ cross-country coach at Gretna East High School.
Coach Beran grew up smack dab in the middle of Nebraska in the town of Ord. Cross country was not as popular then, but he enjoyed running the mile in track. He graduated from Ord High School and followed this by attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He earned his master’s degree at Peru State College which led him to be a teacher.
Coach Beran has a long history of teaching, going back 37 years. He taught in the Papillion School District for the majority of his career, and teaches mostly chemistry and physics. He has been a coach from the beginning, as he has coached all 37 years. Coach Beran dabbled around in different areas such as football, but has stuck with running with track and cross country. Clearly, he enjoys the sport and what it takes to be a runner.
“The dedication of the athletes and the focus is always very exciting,” Coach Beran said. “They’re individuals who are very highly motivated and cross country has a very family atmosphere. You go to a meet, if a kid falls down, every team will help him up.”
Competition also drives Coach Beran and the athletes to be the best they can be. He said he believes in the development of these athletes and the growth they can have from a freshman to a senior. Tradition also is key to him and bringing in a new culture for a new group of athletes. Outside of coaching and teaching, Coach Beran enjoys staying physically active by biking, running and playing basketball. He also likes to travel the country during the summer to find a new place he has never been. Now, he will take on this first program and establish what it means to be the first team.
“I get a new chance to establish a tradition, you know Gretna is certainly one of the outstanding school districts in the state of Nebraska,” Coach Beran said. “I know the Gretna High School team has always had a great program, so we got to emulate them and establish a standard that years from now will continue.”