Winter Guard Season Begins

Lots of Practice as Group Takes Aim at Competitions

Throughout last summer, the color guard has been working hard to improve their show. Now that winter guard has begun, the season is kicking off with hardcore practices two times a week for three hours. Through hard work and dedication, the color guard has refined the details of their show to be the best they can be. For senior Brynna Critchfield, practices are for improving, hard work and more.

“We always start with warming up and stretching our bodies,” Critchfield said. “It varies from there, we may work on dance technique, flag technique, weapon technique, learning work and drill and cleaning through practice.”

The winter guard uses a flag and fake rifles along with detailed choreography and colorful outfits that play a part in the complexity of the show. Performing in sync with the band, they add a bright visual to the musicality of the band. For freshman Ruby Lee, color guard is much more than just flag tossing and dancing.

“Winter guard obviously focuses on throwing flags, rifles and sabers, but with the added aspect of dance,” Lee said. “Skills in winter guard are sometimes harder than we do in the fall, but it’s all about improvement and keeping up your skills during the winter season.”

Many dancers in guard, see being a part of the group as not only performing, dancing and fun, but also the relationships created between the members. For many on guard, new friends and a new skill were discovered through this activity. Sophomore Caroline Mix views the color guard as a great opportunity to have fun, make new friends, create memories and more.

“I think the best thing about our team is the camaraderie, it’s very easy to work together when we all get along so well,” Mix said. “I also think everyone is very passionate about our show, so even when the work is hard, we all try our best.”

Throughout the season this team has been persevering to get better and improve in all kinds of different ways. Through the relationships they have and the closeness of the team, this group has worked hard for all they have. During all the competitions, practices and more, this team has been persistent on the road to success.