Opinion: Riding the Roller Coaster of Super Bowl LVII


Graphic by Jazzy Eden.

There are two sides of the Super Bowl. One of the sides gets covered in confetti and has the whole stadium cheering while the players cry tears of joy. The other half is forced to watch the winning team live out their dream. 

The TVs were on and the snack table was out. Almost everyone was anticipating this year’s big game. Super Bowl LVII was held on Sunday, Feb.12, the kickoff was at 5:30 p.m. The Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles faced off for the biggest title that teams can win in football. During the first quarter, each team scored a touchdown, and both made the extra point. The teams scores were tied at 7-7. The Chiefs’ kicker Harrison Butker missed a field goal at the end of the first quarter, which came as a shock to many. Those 15 minutes were nerve racking, even though there were still three quarters to go. The nerves in my body could not calm down. 

The second quarter rolled around, and I was rooting for the Eagles. During this period,  both teams played hard. The Eagles  scored two more touchdowns and a field goal, which put their score at 24. The Chiefs on the other hand were having a hard time keeping up. They only scored one touchdown in the second quarter, which put the score at 14-24 at the end. Although the game was still going on, the halftime show was approaching and I could not hold on to my excitement. While Rihanna was performing, the teams went back into the locker rooms for halftime.

Apparently the halftime pep talk worked out for the Chiefs, when they came back onto the field they were hungry for the title. The third quarter of the game was closing in and the Chiefs were catching up. They scored a touchdown making it 21-24 with the Eagles in the lead. Although the Chiefs tried to catch up the best they could, the Eagles scored another field goal which put it to 21-27. At that point, the game was so close I was shaking with anxiety. The final quarter of the game came up and the Chiefs needed a miracle. During the final quarter the Eagles’ defense failed them, the Chiefs got a touchdown which put them in the lead 35-27. Eventually, the Eagles caught up and it was a tied game 35-35. Just when everyone least expected it, during the final minutes of the game, the Chiefs scored a field goal in the last four seconds, shocking the world. 

Although my team did not win and I lost $10 to my dad, it was an incredible game and both teams played hard. It was an emotional roller coaster and the final score ended up being 38-35 with the Chiefs winning the game.