One Act Faces Changes This Year


Colton Knott

Members of One Act practice late on Halloween night.

A new age dawns upon GHS One Act as fresh faces take over the program. For many years, the Dragons have dominated at state, winning almost every year they go, and bringing honor to the school. The face of these past titles, Mrs. Carol Carraher, has retired, inviting a new director to fill her place.
Going back to 1987, GHS’s reign over the play production began. After obtaining fifteen titles in NSAA Class B, the Dragons flew into Class A where they continued their streak. With the exception of 2009, the Dragons have won a title every year since moving to Class A. Part of the reason was the director, Mrs. Carraher. She led the Dragons through these winning years but finally passed on the torch to her assistant, Mr. Patrick White.
A challenging task has been placed ahead, but the cast and crew are ready to tackle it head-on. Working together, the One Act community forms a family and way of life that goes beyond the stage.
“Everyone is so supportive of each other,” sophomore Colton Knott said. “No matter what, at the end of the day, everyone is so supportive because they all love to be a part of the family.”
Practices and preparations for auditions began early in the school year. This year the story being told is a drama entitled “Stone Creek Sorrow.” When auditions came around in early October and the cast had been assigned their roles, controversy struck. The production’s new director, Mr. White, resigned from his position, leaving everyone stunned. Second-year English teacher, Ms. Brooke Berube, was forced to step up and now fill the director’s shoes.
“Obviously, it’s not something I really have experience doing,” Ms. Berube said. “This is my second year teaching and second year doing One Act, so taking it over is not something I was looking as something to do this year, but I’m excited about it and I think it’s gone really well so far.”
Clearly, taking over production with as much history as Gretna’s is not easy. As a former cast member herself, Ms. Berube has learned from the best. She comes into the winningest program in Nebraska Play Production history but, through all of the change, she has stepped up and assumed the head directing role, putting them on the right track.
“Ms. Berube has practically taken over all the things a head director does,” Knott said. “I think she has done a wonderful job and she really helps everyone get into their character.”
Not only does Ms. Berube have huge shoes to fill, but she also has one year before the high school splits, taking almost half of the student body. But in the face of this looming divide, the cast believes they can overcome it.
“No one knows where we are going to be after this year, it will be a different experience,” Knott said. “But if there is anything I’ve learned this year there’s nothing that can stand in the way of Gretna One Act, and we will always come out on top in the face of adversity.”