Football, Fun . . . and Respect

The GHS Student Section Can Do Better


Karleigh North

GET LOUD. The students in the GHS student section are packed tight as they cheer for their team on Sept. 2 as they played Omaha Central.

There are more than 1,700 students in GHS, with almost half of them attending the varsity football games. This means the stands are packed full of rowdy teenagers standing shoulder to shoulder, unable to move in either direction. This overcrowding leads to some students being disrespectful to the other students in their student section and the other schools’ student section. 

GHS football games are very popular with the students. The unofficial rules for the student section are that seniors sit at the front, then juniors, then sophomores and finally freshmen at the back. The student section usually fill up really fast, so some of the students arrive as early as 5:30 p.m. and they sit in the heat or the cold for up to an hour and a half. This year, the student section is so packed that people have to stand on the ground or on the sides of the stands. Recently some of the upperclassmen who get to the games later than the other students have been yelling at the underclassmen to move up a row when it is not  possible because there is not enough room. 

The upperclassmen are not the only ones being disrespectful. Some of the underclassmen think that it is funny to throw things up into the air and at other students. One of the rules at the football games is that the students can not throw things because they might hurt other students or themselves. The students who throw things up usually get disciplined, but sometimes they keep throwing items. 

The student section at GHS is run by the seniors, who hold up a white board and write chants on it, but the chants have to be approved by the administration. Sometimes the seniors ignore administration and the chants could be considered inappropriate. 

Finally, many students in the student section get frustrated that some kids in the section end up pushing each other.  It can unpleasant in the stands at times.

Here is what a good student section should look like. First, the students in the student section should respect other students and not push each other. Second, if some students show up later, they should not yell at the other kids to move back and they should just move to the back of the bleachers. Last, students should be respectful to other kids who go to their school, and they should also be respectful to the other schools’ students too.