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YUMMY When it comes to going out to eat my family can get in a lot of fights because we only get to eat out once a week, but since my family has had runza every week we all agree with runza. We all have the same thing we get each week. Sometimes if me and my siblings are lucky we will get the runza ice cream.

Runza is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Nebraska. Runza was first built in 1949 in Lincoln, Nebraska which is only 40 miles from Gretna. After the first restaurant opened, its popularity grew and locations opened throughout Nebraska from 1966-to 1979.
Runza is only a couple of miles away from my house, so I and my family get it every Friday for a treat. Runza is mainly known for their runzas sandwich, but I would rather have one of their many burgers. The burgers are delicious and recently they have come out with a burger called the swiss mushroom burger and a runza swiss mushroom. I’m not a big fan of mushrooms but I decided to try them. It has a strong flavor of mushrooms, so if you are looking for a nice mushroom sandwich or burger, this restaurant is perfect for you.
Runza also has a kids’ menu. The children’s menu comes with a coupon to get a free kid’s ice cream and you can choose between vanilla, chocolate, or twist.
If you’re not a fan of burgers or sandwiches Runza also offers chicken tenders as an option. The chicken tenders are perfect and are delicious with the homemade runza ranch. I’m not a fan of ranch, but Runza ranch is different from any other ranch. I strongly suggest giving it a try.
My personal favorite is the Runza crinkle fries which have the perfect amount of salt and are fried to perfection. The fries go perfectly with their soft serve ice cream. Not only do they have burgers and sandwiches they have vegetarian options such as salads.
Runza is a perfect fast food restaurant for everyone with different tastes. I would recommend this to one and all when they want a Friday treat.