PREPARING THE FOOD – Junior Mia Rodriguez preparing her food for the judges to try. “It’s pretty easy to make,” Mia Rodriguez 24′ said. “ You just mash the avocados and add the seasoning and tomatoes.” Rodriguez had to make sure that the guacamole was up to the judges standards.

Food and Fun

ProStart class creates dishes for Judges

The food class had their first food truck wars this year. The students in the class designed a paper truck with a theme, and their food had to be part of the food trucks theme. There were judges that judged the food based on flavor.
I walked into the food room and the first thing that I noticed was the smell, the smell of the room reminded me of the food at a county fair. The mixture of the foods created an interesting smell. The next thing I noticed was how hard the cooks were working to get their dishes done on time.
I tried all of the foods and they all made my stomach scream with joy. The dishes that the cooks created were all homemade. There was chips and guacamole, mac and cheese, fried pickles, and mango smoothies. Although there were many options of food to try from, I did the one with the least amount of dairy which was chips and guacamole. The food truck was run by junior Mia Rodriguez and the theme of her food truck was made in mexico.
Mexican food is one of my favorite foods. I love that some of the dishes have lots of meat and usually the dishes have lots of spice, but one of my favorite comfort dishes from Mexico is chips and guacamole. Mia Rodriguez took time to make her dish, the process of making the guacamole was chopping up tomatoes and mashing the avocado to the perfect texture, and adding the right amount of seasoning. For the chips they were store bought.
When it was time to try the dishes I went around and tried a few bites of each dish. I was very delighted when I came to Rodriguez’s food truck. Mia had a very good marketing technique, she had bowls of guacamole with cilantro and without cilantro. I chose to have cilantro in mine and when I first took the bite It was like heaven in my mouth. The texture was perfect, not too thick but not too thin. I loved how she did not put too many tomatoes in the guacamole. I do wish that the dish had a little more spice in it, but other than that it was my favorite dish of the night, and I think many of the other judges agreed.
The guacamole recipe was passed down through the Rodriguez family, and it did not disappoint. The dish filled me up so I wasn’t hungry throughout the rest of the day. Although there were many food trucks I was really glad that I was assigned to this food truck.
The cooks all took their time and worked hard on all of their dishes. The judges enjoyed all the food and by the end of the period there was barely any food left. All the food was delicious and I left with a happy stomach. At the end of the wars I was really glad that I got to try all of the cooks’ exquisite dishes that they created.

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