Excitement for Next Fall

Students Plans for New Year

NO MORE TEST As for school is coming to an end so is the test and assignments. Social studies in Mr.Wolf’s class took their last test today.

The school year is coming to an end. There are officially four school days left. This means students are starting to prepare for the summer. Although Summer may be exciting for some students, others are excited for the upcoming academic year.
“I’m mostly excited for next year because of the freedom I will have,” sophomore Kayley Calhoon said. “I’m also getting my own car and license over the summer so I can finally drive to school instead of taking the bus and I am able to take more art classes that I have been waiting to take all of high school.”
Getting ready for next year may sound fun but this can also come with some worries. Whether it is just being nervous to pass classes or having friends in your class these things can cause worry for some students.
“My biggest worry is not getting work turned in and being behind in classes,” freshman Ava Allee said. “Or maybe not passing class and not having friends in my art classes I’m taking, but I am hoping that next year will be fun and that I will have friends in my class.”
Although some may have worries about next year there are always positive things on how the following year can be. Summer can also give students time to set goals for students for the following year. This can help students be excited to work on these goals and offer students an opportunity to improve on their performance from the previous year.
“My goal for next year would probably be to turn in my assignments when they’re due and study,” Calhoon said. “I have a habit of doing the entire assignment on the day it’s due, or I get lazy and tell myself I’ll do it later. I never do and it ends up being a few days late. I have decent grades but I know for certain they could be a lot higher if I actually took the time to go over my academics. I would also like to be a lot more social next year because that’s something I tend to struggle with. I’m not much of a people person, nor have I ever been.”
While school is coming to a close, students work to complete assignments so they can spend the last days of school saying goodbye to their teachers and friends and saying hello to the summer.