Parking Problems

The freshmen drivers express why they do not enjoy parking at GHS.

RUSHING TO PARK – Freshmen must rush in the mornings to get a parking spot at Gretna United Methodist Church. “I always have to wake up extra early to insure that I get a space to park,” freshman Ellie Melton said. By the end of the mornings there is no place to park in the parking lot

One of the biggest things that a freshman has to worry about is where they will park each morning. The search for parking spots has become a big problem for most of the freshmen drivers.
“I started driving to school last year, and I still drive to school,” freshman Elle Heckenlively said. “Driving to school now is way different than it was at the beginning of the year”
There are multiple places where the freshmen can park during the school day. Gretna United Methodist Church is the main option for parking for freshmen with the yellow parking pass. All the other grades get green parking passes.
“I park at the church parking lot and I have since school started,” freshman Ellie Melton said. “Now I have to get there earlier because when I get there late there are no parking spots available.”
One of the main restrictions for parking at Gretna United is that students are not allowed to park in the first row because the spots are reserved for the church employees. Parking spots are limited, so some students park at the North Park baseball field across from the church.
“I wake up pretty early so I can get a spot,” freshman Troy Lindquist said. “Sometimes when I don’t get up as early as I usually do I have to park in the grass.”
Some of the drivers get to the school as early as 7:00 a.m. to make sure that they can find a parking spot. If the drivers arrive later it is very difficult for them to secure a parking spot. Sometimes the church parking lot is closed, so the drivers have to find a place to park which can be difficult because they are not allowed to park in the main parking lot. Many of the freshmen are very excited when they are allowed to park at the main parking lot. The main parking lot has more room and they do not have to worry about not getting a parking spot.
“The parking lot problem stresses me out a lot,” Heckenlively said. “I just can’t wait until I can park in a parking lot closer to the school.”