Excitement for Summer Builds

Students Prepare for Vacation

THE HOT WEATHER The one thing that makes summer summer is the hot weather. “My favorite part about summer is probably its long hot days.” Riley Perina (25) said.

The biggest part about summer is planning on how you’re going to spend your summer or who you’re going to spend your summer with. Summer sometimes can get long and some days you may have nothing to do. Some have things every day to do.
“This summer I’m going to work at the Elkhorn pool as a lifeguard,” freshman Ally Sherman says. “I also have swim practice two times a day and I’m going on vacation to San Diego to visit family, and going to baseball games in Kansas City to watch the Royals. I would probably say summer is my favorite season because it’s hot and there’s no school. It’s always nice outside. I don’t have to worry about homework and it’s a nice break from school. ”
Others have camps and other activities such as church events to keep them occupied throughout the summer or at least part of the summer.
“I am going on a mission trip and we get to help people out and volunteer to build houses and fix them,” freshman Riley Perina said. “I’m really excited for summer to not have school and be free from homework and I’m also excited to stay up late and hang out with my friends.”
For some, summer can be a big deal. This can be because they get to do things they aren’t normally allowed to do during the school year.
“I’m going to go camping with my family for a few weeks and I am finally going to see my mom and little brother who live in Chile so I do not get to see them during the school year and I haven’t seen them in a long time since I have moved to Nebraska,” junior Lis Gonzalez said. “So summer is really exciting and important to me.”
For some summers it is just about sleeping in and hanging out with friends all summer. Others love summer as a time to take away from school and go on vacation with family.
“My favorite part about summer is probably just going on vacation with my family and hanging out with friends when I’m not on vacation.” freshman Heidi Milhan said. “This summer I’m planning to sleep in and I’m going to go to Mexico for vacation and for my aunt’s wedding,”
Other students love summer for its nice long hot days and no extra stress from school. “I would say summer is my favorite season, because usually in the summer I travel back to my country and see my family and summer is time to think about life and stuff,” Gonzalez said. “I also love the hot weather.”