Prom 2022

Inside Look of Prom

Prom candids. is a photo of the prom king, queen, princess, prince in left to right order. Tanner Maas (22), Avery Mclaughlin (22), Ethan Lockee (23), Mia Bowling (23).
(Gia Lacy)
Spotlight on. This photo was taken at prom in their full attire. From left to right are Addison Boeselager (23), Cade Struthers (23), Amanda Yuan (23), and Erin Gutridge (23).
(Erin Gutridge)

Another addition to the end of the year is prom. Prom is more desirable than homecoming, except it’s usually only for seniors and juniors. While sophomores and freshmen can go if they have a junior or senior date it tends to be available for the upperclassmen. This year’s prom was held at the Beardmore Event Center in Bellevue, Nebraska. Senior Julia Otto feels that the prom and post-prom were better this year than last.
“Last year, the hours for prom and post prom were a lot shorter due to covid protocols,” Otto said. “So it was nice to have more time.”
Many people go to post-prom for the thrill and fun after they actually go to the prom. That is only a little part of why there is a post-prom. Prom King and Queen were seniors Tanner Maas and Avery McLaughlin. Prom Prince and Princess were juniors Ethan Lockee and Mia Bowling.
“Post-prom is a way to keep kids safe and have fun, before they go to prom,” prom coordinator Mrs. Kari Bulgrin said.
Many high school students who attend prom go out to eat with friends or family before prom. Having the restaurants full is a major problem for students going out to eat beforehand, so they would have to make reservations so they could get in.
“We went out to eat downtown before prom at Hiro 88,” junior Isabel Kinnan said. “It was amazing and our dates paid for everything which was so sweet of them.”
The thrill and excitement of prom is what makes the underclassmen so eager to go to prom. Many people want to be able to enjoy the amusing dance with friends, the upperclassmen are out there soaking up the fun.
“My favorite part of prom was dancing with my friends and making memories with them all,” junior Erin Gutridge said.