Winter Break Stay-Cation

Families Chose Not To Travel Over Christmas


Brooklynn Nielsen

Family Festivities: Over break, Mikayla Hammers (23) went bowling with her family instead of traveling.

This school year has been different and changes have had to be made. Over Christmas break, some families traveled while others stayed home to protect not only themselves, but others.
“Both of my parents are health workers,” sophomore Paige Germer said. “And my family is spread out across the state so we didn’t think it was a good idea to travel.”
While in this pandemic, some students chose to think of others and not themselves. It is always a good idea to be safe during this time.
“We wear masks everywhere,” sophomore Madeline Oetting said. “We also limit the people we are around without masks on.”
Oetting spent her break in her house and had to find different ways to keep busy instead of traveling and seeing family. She redecorated her room and hung out with a few friends but still wore masks.
“My family and I are always wearing masks,” sophomore Mikayla Hammers said. “We are also getting tested when we needed to, and social distancing when it is needed.”
Hammers over the break went bowling with her family and sledding with a few friends. While staying at home and not traveling may be different for most of us, Hammers spent Christmas at her house instead of spending it with her grandparents, uncle, aunt and cousins. While many people are traveling, it might not be the best idea.
“People honestly shouldn’t be traveling right now,” Germer said. “If you can just reschedule it, you could get sick or you could get others sick and it’s not worth it.”
With COVID-19, it is best to try not to spread it to others, especially those at higher risk. The United States found a vaccine to help the spread. Although the vaccine has been given out, some people may not be able to receive it right away.
“Even though the first covid vaccine has been given out to some people, I still don’t think you should travel,” Germer said. “Just cancel your plans if you can.”
Traveling could take some stress away from your everyday life. This past year was different. Some families traveled differently and could have traveled safely.
“I think that people did miss their family and trusted that their family would be safe,” Germer said. “And I’m giving people the benefit of the doubt and I hope they traveled safely.”
This school year and Christmas break was most likely different for all students. Overbreak some students and families might have traveled while some of us might have stayed home. Some students thought that it was not the best idea to travel over break so they just stayed home. COVID-19 has affected a lot of people and everyone has had to adapt to the change.