Pulverizing The Patriots

Girls JV Basketball Team Beats Millard South


Klare Peters

Sinking the free throw to grow their lead, Sydney Woods (22), goes two for two from the line. “I practice my free throws a lot”,” Woods said. “They are a very important part of the basketball game.” Woods has played JV since freshman year.

They were up for the challenge. Responding well to the fast-paced press and their in-your-face defense, the girls JV basketball team outworked the Patriots and won the game. Helping the team to victory, junior Katelynn Cogswell’s three-point shooting, leadership and defensive skills proved to be a solid example of what happens when a team works together.
“We won that game because we really played as a team,” Cogswell said. “We took the best shots for us and we were all having so much fun.” With a poor start to the game, the team battled back against the Patriots at the end of the first quarter. Under the leadership of coach Ms. Makayla Kastens, the team fought hard and gained their lead in the second quarterer. Coach Kastens, who has coached the basketball team for four years, is a strong leader who has a sharp basketball mind. Her high basketball IQ helped many players, including Cogswell, become the player they hoped to be.
“The game started out really rough for us,” Coach Kastens said. “But once we got settled into our offense, it really opened things up.”

Looking for the open player, Katelynn Cogswell (22), gets ready to run their play. “I always try my best to get my teammates open,” Cogswell said. “Making good passes is always a priority of mine.” Cogswell starts JV. (Klare Peters)

By the end of the first half, the girls were on the road to victory. The team continued to excel and create a bigger gap on the scoreboard during the second half. Cogswell, who hit three three-pointers this game, helped the team go on a huge run. Showing the major role she plays on this team, Cogswell earned the respect of her fellow players, including junior Sydney Woods. Woods, who has played with Cogswell since long before high school, was not surprised when she stepped up in a defining game.
“She plays a very active role on defense,” Woods said. “She creates an atmosphere that helps the team play as a whole. ”
Rising to the challenge in the tough game, the girls pulled out a victory. Cogswell was not the only one who stepped up to the challenge; sophomore Taylor Ewer’s defense and freshman Emma Martin’s high intensity and eagerness to win helped her lead the team to a victory. In the end, the JV team won a hard-fought battle; one they were not predicted to win.