Weighted Work, for Play and Money

Students Working at Gretna Training Center


Kiley Skokan

After finishing her shift at the Gretna Training Center (The GTC) junior Kiley Skokan caught up with her girlfriends. “I sit at the front desk and I am there for people if they have any questions,” Skokan said. “I also walk around the complex to make sure people pick up after themselves.” Skokan has enjoyed working there for the past couple of months and is happy that it reopened after being shut down due to COVID. Molly Hahn (Left), Kiley Skokan (Middle), Corista Glatter (Right).

Students who participate in sports may know the Gretna Training Center, located in LaVista, NE near 108th & Harrison Streets, just south of Rotella’s Bakery, where teams and athletes can practice for their sports. Junior Kiley Skokan, who plays softball for Nebraska Storm, has been working at the training center since last winter.
“I work at the Gretna Training Center (GTC) in La Vista,” Skokan said. “The GTC is an indoor baseball/softball complex where teams or individuals practice. I sit at the front desk and I am there for people if they have any questions. I also walk around the complex to make sure people pick up after themselves. I worked here last winter for about three months and it closed because of COVID-19.”
Due to COVID-19, the training center shut down for months, leaving Skokan jobless. In January, they reopened and started rescheduling shifts. Life is slowly forming into a new normal and Skokan is satisfied with being back.
“They now just got back to us and we just started our shifts at the beginning of this month,” Skokan said. “I wanted to work here because I didn’t have a job at the time and one of the GYSBA (Gretna Youth Softball and Baseball Association) members reached out to us asking for people that wanted to work there. A benefit for working there is we are allowed to hit at times where it isn’t busy which helps me become better.”
Other GHS students, including sophomore Zoe Schuka, also work at the training center for athletes and teams. The employees clean the center and keep things tidy and are also allowed to use it as a practice space for their sport.
“I play club softball, high school softball, I work at the GTC, and I also babysit,” Schuka said. “While I am there I work at the front desk as the Site Supervisor. I clean the bathrooms, wipe down the front desk, make sure all of the balls are in buckets and on the shelf, make sure teams are in the right spots, and I answer any questions parents, players or coaches have. It is located up by the Rotella’s Bread store. This is my second year working there. I wanted to work there because I practice there for softball so I thought it would be perfect. I understand how the GTC runs so I knew the job would be fitting for me.”
Another employee at the GTC is junior Madie Wieczorek who started working there a month ago. Wieczorek participates in track and softball.
“I have two jobs,” Wiezorek said. “One at Scooters where I have worked since freshman year. I make coffee there and wanted to work there because I like coffee. I also work at the GTC and make sure the facility is clean. I have only worked there for about a month and I wanted to work there to make more money.”
Multiple students spend their time at the Gretna Training Center providing them an opportunity to build a strong work community. Keeping the center open is a great way for locals to make money and practice their sports.