Donald Trump Needs to Give Up

A Look Into the Dumpster Fire That Was the 2020 Election


Kailey MacDowell

During the 2020 presidential race, Donald Trump said many things about Biden, voter fraud, and mail-in votes.

These past few weeks have been eye-opening, to say the least. November 3 was election day, and since then, everything has gone steadily downhill. During the days leading up to the 2020 election, the American citizens were bombarded with smear campaigns, candidate-approved advertisements and various news outlets info-dumping everything about the election.
Some voters chose to send in mail-in ballots before election day but on the day of the election, people from all political sides rushed to the polls to cast their vote. Leading up to the election, President Trump persistently warned American citizens against mail-in voting, saying numerous times that it would result in voter fraud. While I cannot be sure that there was not any voter fraud, there probably was not enough to change the course of the whole election.
After the results of the election got released showing that Biden won, President Trump attacked the swing states, saying that voter fraud was the reason they went blue. However, if you can recall, on the days leading up to the election, President Trump told his supporters they should not mail-in vote. He even went as far as to say that the mail-in ballots should not be counted and should be thrown out.
Even though his alarming suggestions were not followed, he continued to hound the American people with baseless claims of voter fraud regarding the outcome of the election. His statements were proven false by the numerous reports from the states themselves that said there was no voter fraud. This did not stop President Trump. He continued to go after the swing states as if they had stolen something from him when in reality, they were expressing their right to vote for whom they please.
On Oct. 27, 2020, President Trump traveled to Omaha, Nebraska as a part of a Make America Great Again! campaign rally. He spoke of many things such as the trade and farm economy, the pandemic economy and Nebraska’s senators. Though the state of Nebraska went Republican in this election, Biden still won the overall popular vote.
As the in-person ballots were counted first, the image of Trump winning was put off. However, as the mail-in votes were counted, Biden’s votes started adding up to give him an over seven million vote lead.
Since then, President Trump attacked multiple states making baseless claims about state specific voter fraud. These claims have gotten omitted time and time again, but Trump has continued to take them to the courts. At the time of publication, his record with the courts was 10 to 46. This has cost the winning candidate, President-elect Biden, the time he needs to prepare his staff and administration to be put into the White House after Trump concedes, if he ever does so.