NCPA Pairs with NSAA for Academic All-State

Fall Athletes Nominated For Scholarship

DRAGON POWER Before the volleyball team took on Millard South, Josie Mason (21) is recognized on senior night along side her parents and the rest of the seniors. “I have been playing volleyball since 2nd grade and played multiple sports growing up which I think benefited me now,” Mason said. “I was able to learn time management and some important life skills through these activities.” Mason is keeping her options open and is currently undecided.

The NSAA, Nebraska School Activities Association, along with the NCPA, Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association, recognizes student athletes from schools across Nebraska. Each NSAA activity has a maximum of two individuals selected based on their ability to showcase academic excellence, significant contributions, and positive leadership. Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Mr. Matthew Curtis asked coaches from their respective activities to nominate athletes who met those criteria.
“All of our athletes realize that they are students first,” Mr. Curtis said. “They must compete in the classroom like they do in their field of play.”
These student athletes were nominated by their coaches for the Fall of 2020: Volleyball – seniors Sarah Weber and Josie Mason ; Football – seniors Creed Leathers and Gabriel Melton; Softball – senior Mackenzie Devine and junior Jenna Marshall; Tennis – senior Andrew Pick and sophomore Andrew Grant; Boys Cross Country – senior Cade Suing and junior Kale Edmonds; Girls Cross Country – junior Annalise Speer and senior Skylar Ueding; Girls Golf – seniors Samantha Randels and Lily Larsen.
Between practices and games, athletes must complete their schoolwork in addition to participating in sports. Keeping up with work and avoiding procrastination is essential to achieving a high GPA.
“I believe that schoolwork is essential to having good grades in the gradebook,” Edmonds said. “ I hope that these good grades will help me to obtain different scholarships for college.”
Each athlete must meet certain criteria in order to be nominated. They must be a varsity player or an organizational leader who played a significant role on the team or had a significant part in the organization during the season of the activity. They also must have a minimum GPA, in all subjects, of 93% or 3.7 – 4.0-point scale or the equivalent. The fall season nominees must be turned in on Dec 15, 2020 to the NSAA office. The winners are announced during December.
“Schoolwork is the number one priority. It’s very important to me because I know it will pay off in the long-run,” Mason said. “Student-athletes often have a lot on their plates and this is a lifestyle that you eventually adapt to and learn from.”
Being a student athlete takes time management, balance and dedication. This means staying up later to finish homework after practice or using freetime to get a head start. They must manage their off-time in order to keep up.
“I try to set goals for myself to stay on track with my schoolwork which helps a lot,” Larsen said. “With golf, I have to miss a lot of school due to all-day meets, but I make sure to work with my teachers and stay ahead of everything to keep my grades up.”
These student-athletes deserve to be recognized for the hard work both on and off the field, court, or course and in the classroom. This recognition is held every year including the winter and spring seasons.