Blair Cross Country Invite

Team Makes Strides in PRs


Claire Sallee

Bailey Stender (22)

Race to Finish
Trekking through the trees at the Westside Invite, Abdul Malik Rahmanzai (23) hurries to finish his last lap. “I enjoy the support of my teammates and coaches,” said Rahmanzai. “I feel good when I pass people during a race.” He continued to get better times each meet. (Claire Sallee)
Kale Edmonds (22) (Claire Sallee)
Pack Party
Running beside her teammates at the Westside Invite, Avery McLaughlin (22) slows her breathing in order to finish her race. “When I finish races I always feel a sense of accomplishment,” McLaughlin said. “I also love cheering on my teammates and pushing them to do their best.” McLaughlin’s current PR of 22:27.1 was reached at the Blair invite.
Addy Walker (24) Reagan Ehlert (22) (Claire Sallee)
Bailey Stender (22) (Claire Sallee)
Burning Up
Head to head with competing runners, Layla Siskow (23) paces herself to get ahead. “Crossing the finish line is one of the feelings that never gets old,” Siskow said. “Everyone on the team is super close because we go through the pain of running together.” She had gone through many personal challenges throughout the season but continued to do her all. (Claire Sallee)
Megan Hawley (24) Lydia Edmonds (24) (Claire Sallee)
Josie Suing (24) Reagan Cheleen (23) (Claire Sallee)