Homecoming Game

Win Against Pius X


Savannah Andrews

Michael Huber (22)

Michael Huber (22) (Savannah Andrews)
DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS Waiting for the snap on the defensive line, Jake Lukis (22) keeps his eyes on the ball. “We have to polish some parts of our game,” Lukis said. “As always, we have more work to do if we want to make a run in the playoffs.” He played defensive tackle all three years. (Savannah Andrews)
VICTORY JUMPS After scoring a touchdown against Pius X, Jackson Alexander (21) celebrates by side bumping Trevor Marshall (21). “I wish we could get our last game against Papillion High School,” Alexander said. “They have beat us the past two seasons and we want our revenge.” As he prepared for the season, Alexander trained with Warren Academy and did weight training six days a week. (Savannah Andrews)
Seniors cheering at Homecoming football game (Savannah Andrews)
SENIOR SUPPORTERS During the homecoming game versus Pius X, Peyton Rewczuk (21) and the other seniors in the student section chant a cheer with the cheerleaders and dance team. “I was excited to finally be able to support our football team in person and be able to have fun with my friends at a school event again,” Rewczuk said. “I feel like my petition actually worked and it was awesome.” The seniors were allowed into the rest of the games. (Savannah Andrews)
RISE FOR THE QUEEN As her name is announced for homecoming queen, Roan Brandon (21) receives her crown in front of her parents. “I felt a strong sense of gratefulness as well as sorrow that her friends were not here to share this with her,” father Mr. Mike Brandon said. “I was very happy for her after the difficult and painful journey she has had in the past year.” She received much support from everyone at the game and in the community. (Savannah Andrews)
Creed Leathers (21) (Savannah Andrews)
Nathan Minarik (21) (Savannah Andrews)
Lily Boker (23) (Savannah Andrews)
HALFTIME SUPERSTARS After the players and coaches leave the field, Meah Wendlandt (23) and the rest of the dance team showcase their moves front and center. “When I’m dancing I think about the cleans we learned,” Wendlandt said. “I count the dance in my head to make sure we are all together.” She made the dance team both her freshman and sophomore year. (Savannah Andrews)