Varsity Volleyball Senior Night

Loss Against Millard South

The Final Brandon
Posing for a picture on senior night, Roan Brandon (21) smiles under her mask. “It felt really emotional,” Brandon said. “It felt scary, but also very good being unified with the other seniors. It was bittersweet.” Brandon, whose father is the head varsity coach, is the youngest of three sisters who went through the program. (Avery Kallman)
Emma Prentice (21) (Avery Kallman)
Karlee Lobsiger (21), Mia Bowling (23) and Sidney Hauptman (21) (Avery Kallman)
Killin’ It
After a big approach, Shaina Russell (21) gets the kill against Millard South. “Getting a kill is the best feeling because it gives me confidence,” Russell said. “The best part of getting a kill is when my teammates are in my ear after screaming and cheering me on.” Russell has been on varsity since sophomore year. (Avery Kallman)
Brooklyn Schuler (22) (Avery Kallman)
Sarah Weber (21) (Avery Kallman)
Morgan Sangl (21), Josie Mason (21) and Faith Frame (24) (Avery Kallman)
Josie Mason (21), Brooklyn Schuler (22), Hailey Zimmerman (22) and Brena Mackling (23) (Avery Kallman)
Passing High
Running forward for the ball, Morgan Sangl (21) uses her platform to pass a perfect ball. “When I know the ball is coming to me I always tell myself I am a good passer,” Sangl said. “I think that I want the ball.” Sangl committed to Midland University to further her volleyball career. (Avery Kallman)
Josie Mason (21), Brena Mackling (23) and Hailey Zimmerman (22) (Avery Kallman)