Cross Country August 29th

Runners Work Hard At Westside Invite

Bailey Stender (22) (Sophia Allen)
RUN WITH THE PACK Sticking together, Avery McLaughlin (22), Grace Pemberton (22) and Riley Ehlert (24) set a pace at the Westside Invite. “My hardest race this season was at UNK because it was super windy and my allergies were terrible,” Pemberton said. “I get through it by pushing myself through little sections, I tell myself to ‘keep going until that tree up here’. It helps me stay motivated by accomplishing little goals.” Her best finish was tenth place with a time of 23:29 at the Papio meet. (Sophia Allen)
Annalise Speer (22) (Sophia Allen)
Kale Ryan (22) (Sophia Allen)
Evan Liewer (22) (Sophia Allen)
ALL OUT Sprinting to the finish line, Cade Suing (21) competes with two other runners for sixth place. “My hardest run this year was the Blair Invite. I was leading and on pace for one of my fastest races but had some really bad breathing problems,” Suing said. “I fell back a decent ways and collapsed around the 3k mark, but still finished.” His best finish was the Westside Invite at Sunset hills with a time of 16:40. (Sophia Allen)
Layla Siskow (23) (Sophia Allen)
RACE PACE Keeping her pace, Josie Costanzo (23) sets herself up for a 16th place finish in the JV race at the Sunset Hills Course. “My toughest race was at Boy’s Town because I wanted to beat my best time which was 23:53,” Costanzo said. “I overcame that goal by listening to my coach’s advice and not dropping the anchor which led me to get a new best time of 23:35.” Her goals this season were to get below 24:30 and run in more varsity races. (Sophia Allen)
Kale Edmonds (22) (Sophia Allen)
Colby Erdkamp (22)
(Sophia Allen)