NSAA Approves Bowling as Official Winter Sport

GHS Forms Teams, Tryouts to Take Place with More Players


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Commitment: Bowling head coach Ms. Sierra Johnson is smiling while teaching preschool students at Palisades Elementary. “During high school, I bowled for the Lincoln Southeast High School’s bowling club,” Ms. Johnson said. “At this club, we were able to bowl in non-NSAA sanctioned districts and state tournaments. The state tournament was actually recorded on television.” Since the age of 3, Ms. Johnson has bowled recreationally along with competitively bowling for Lincoln Southeast High School and Hastings College.

On May 21, The NSAA Representative Assembly voted to make bowling a sanctioned sport. Despite being recognized by NSAA, it is the school district’s decision to incorporate bowling into their activity curriculum. GHS started its bowling season on Nov. 16 along with unified bowling, girls basketball, boys basketball, swimming and wrestling.
“Even though the NSAA officially voted bowling as a sanctioned sport, not every school in Nebraska is on board with this yet,” activities director Mr. Matthew Curtis said. “We decided at GHS to make bowling an official winter sport. We know that the bowling club has been very popular in the past, and recently we wanted to pursue this. We know that there are going to be some things that we will have to deal with early on, but we won’t know until we get started; we are very excited.”
According to an email sent out by Mr. Curtis to students and staff, the school plans to set up both a boys and girls team consisting of no more than seven bowlers per team. However, if there is an outpouring of student interest in this sport, in addition to teaching preschool at Palisades Elementary, bowling head coach Ms. Sierra Johnson will host tryouts. These tryouts will determine which players will play on the Varsity and JV teams. As of right now, Ms. Johnson is the only bowling coach, but if player sign-ups reach more than 14, an assistant coach will be hired.
“I’m hoping to get 14 players on both sides (boys and girls),” Ms. Johnson said. “I would love to have tryouts and make varsity and JV teams because it would work better for dual tournaments, but if this were to happen, I would definitely need the help.”
During their winter season, the bowling team will compete against high schools in the Metropolitan High School Activities Association, and like any other NSAA winter sport, the bowling team will conclude their season with Class A districts and a state championship. The official dates of Class A districts and the state championship are currently undecided and will be announced closer to the start of the season.
“I’m hoping to broaden my horizons,” sophomore Danika Temoshek said. “This is my first year being a part of the bowling team; I joined the team because I really enjoy bowling, and my friends are also doing it. I’m hoping this will improve my high school experience.”
On Dec. 8, the team will compete in their first dual tournament against Bellevue West at the ICC Bowlatorium and Gymnasium in Omaha, Neb. At this indoor tournament, bowlers will be permitted but not required to wear face coverings during competition, while coaches and non-active participants will be required to wear face coverings at all times. For more COVID-19 guidelines, tournament dates and additional bowling information, visit the NSAA website.