Summer in Quarantine

Seniors summer in quarantine


Bayleigh Koch

Though Bayleigh Koch (21) was unable to tour ASU or go to the New York Times Academy she didn’t allow her to get down. “I improved in my writing by not just writing word vomit,” Koch said. “I also able to read the Graces and The Curses by Laure Eve” She spent her time learning and improving in her hobbies.

During one of the most eventful times from the switch to junior to senior year, students were sent into quarantine. Once the global pandemic was announced students went into online schooling and would have to spend the rest of their summer in quarantine. Senior Bayleigh Koch was one of the many students who would have to take many precautions to keep herself safe, but it did not stop her from having her last high school summer.
“Don’t take everyday life for granted because once normal is gone,” Koch said. “You start to realize how lucky you were to have that type of normal. Appreciate the little moments.”
Throughout her quarantine she would occasionally get IV boosters every month to help her low immune system during this stressful time. IV boosters contain vitamins to help keep a person healthy and can also better one’s health if they are already sick. It doesn’t take away your illness but it helps your immune system fight off sickness.
“I have a low immune system so I had to get IV boosters every month, and besides that, we stayed out in our lake house in Republican City,” Koch said. “Which is three hours away and it’s a smaller population out there so we were at less risk.”
Koch was originally going to spend a few weeks of her summer at the New York Times Academy for Journalism in New York. Students who are accepted are invited to stay in ASU university for up to four weeks. Eventually being canceled due to COVID-19 she would have spent her weeks in New York gaining more knowledge in journalism and perfecting her talent of writing. She made the best of it. She also spent this time better understanding herself. Taking a step back and working on herself and who she wanted herself to be.

Bayleigh Koch (21), spent her last month of summer hanging out with her friends. “I was really bummed out at the beginning,” Koch said. “But then I took it to my advantage and decided to spend more time with family and friends.” They were able to go boating and hang out by the lake. (Bayleigh Koch)

“I just kind of got to have one on one perspective of myself,” Koch said. “Finally change some things and work on some stuff I hadn’t dealt with.”
While Koch couldn’t spend her summer in New York she did get the chance to spend some time with friends and perfecting her hobbies. She used this time to better herself, keep herself safe and healthy, during these trying times. She recommends if someone is still quarantined find activities to keep active, wear a mask in public and make sure to social distance. It’s very important to keep everyone safe and healthy.