Overcoming Obstacles

High School Student Reflects on Accomplishments Amidst Pandemic


Kaleigh Zollman

Life as a Barista: Kaleigh Zollman (22) poses for a photo in her Scooter’s uniform before heading to work. “Since I started work in May, I had to wear a mask for six to seven hours,” Zollman said. “This made coming back to school a lot easier because I am used to wearing a mask now.” This school year, Zollman plans on continuing to work at Scooters and hopes that it will not conflict with her busy schedule of newspaper and show choir.

During the time GHS was moved into distance learning, many high school students were faced with finding alternative ways to maintain productivity while social distancing at home. Junior Kaleigh Zollman was one student, in particular, who set a new schedule through working a new job and exercising.
“During quarantine, I had a lot of free time on my hands that I otherwise would not have had,” Zollman said. “That time allowed me to focus on taking care of myself and being proactive; I do not think these things would have been possible without quarantine.”
During the last week of April (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), Zollman trained at the Scooter’s Coffee National Headquarters located on 10500 Sapp Brothers Drive. Here, she practiced making coffee drinks until she was officially sent to start work at the Scooter’s location in the Nebraska Crossing Outlets on May 1.
“I knew it was time to get a job because I needed to save money for college,” Zollman said. “I also really enjoy coffee, so I thought it would be interesting to work with it.”
Along with obtaining a job, Zollman also developed a passion for working out. Over the three months school was closed to the public, she focused on bettering herself through workout videos and long walks. On average, she worked out 5 to 6 days a week and walked anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour a day. She felt like this not only gave her something to do but also helped reconstruct her mental health.

Being Proactive: During her long walks, Kaleigh Zollman (22) listens to a variety of podcasts including How Did I Get Here? w/ Jae and AleXa. (pictured) “Staying proactive during quarantine has helped me mature a lot,” Zollman said. “Lately I have been reflecting how I was before quarantine to how I am now, and I see myself as a very different person.” By being productive and active over quarantine, Zollman was able to stay sane and mature as an individual. (Kaleigh Zollman)

“From working out, I feel like I have gained a sense of clarity,” Zollman said. “It has helped me improve my overall well-being and has made me a stronger person.”
While going on walks, Zollman listened to a variety of different podcasts including Very Really Good by Kurtis Conner and How Did I Get Here w/ Jae and AleXa. She enjoyed listening to these podcasts while walking in The Summit and Whitetail Creek.
“When I go on walks I just listen to my music or listen to my

podcasts,” Zollman said. “I feel like going on walks gives me time to be alone. I also feel like I was able to get out and get away from my family while also being safe.”
During this school year, Zollman plans on continuing to work out and work at Scooters. Even though she will face multiple schedule interferences given her busy schedule with show choir and newspaper, she is still going to give it a shot.