Outer Banks Review

Netflix Original Series Captivates Teens

Junior, Tara Olson watching the new show “Outer Banks” on Netflix.

The Outer Banks is a Netflix Original Series that has been talked about on all social media, especially Tik Tok and strikes my attention so I had to give it a watch. It is a show based on two social classes: the lower class, the Pogues, and the upper class, the Kooks. A group of four pogues live carelessly and boundaryless. One day, when they are riding among the Outer Banks in North Carolina and they come across a sunken ship and go looking for the $400 million dollars worth of gold the main character John B’s father once looked to find.
The teens decide it would be smart to explore the boat which leads to the main character, John B, finding his lost father’s stopwatch. He later finds out that the stopwatch is much more important and people are out to chase them to find what they want, the watch that belonged to his father. The four friends decided to start a voyage to find the gold that his father was “lost” looking for.
The Outer Banks episodes were a very realistic representation of how life near the outer banks is. In the first episode, a hurricane was mentioned that destroyed the town and filled the banks with trash and objects. The social classes mirror the divisions of classes in real life. Some people think they are superior and some feel their money doesn’t make them any more important. Some Kooks even wanted to be a Pogue, such as Kiara, one of the main characters. She was tired of living in her rich, “perfect” life and wanted to break free of it and live more like the Pogues.
For 4 days, Outer Banks was ranked #1 in the world on Netflix. It is a popular show that has a good plot, storyline, and ended with a cliffhanger. The whole journey was entertaining and kept me watching. Then the climax hit and John B was falsely accused of multiple crimes and was on the run, I couldn’t stop watching. I finished 10 episodes in less than 48 hours.
This show made me feel every emotion, but especially sadness and anger. This is, easily, the most jaw-dropping, on edge, craziest show that I have ever watched. I have recommended it to many other people. Along with the adventure, viewers will get drama whether it be relationships or friendships, and the greatest controversial love story between a pogue and a kook. I highly recommend this show. But fair warning, season two is not expected for another two years.