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Career RockIt! Trips Prep Students for The Next Step


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Business students got the opportunity to tour HUDL, a Lincoln-based sports company. “Students really enjoy getting out of the classroom and giving them these opportunities to go out and learn,” Business advisor Mr. Lucas Grossniklaus said. “Whether it’s businessm journalism, English, or engineering, it’s great for students to see the many opportunities around them and these trips provide a lot of that.” The classes saw how the work environment can vary from place to place, since HUDl takes a unique approach to theirs.

Ethan Menning, Sports Editor

The workplace can be a very foreign concept for students. Recently, teachers have been trying to minimize that void of experience. Companies have hosted many classes from GHS to help this effort and help students find a career path.

Of the many classes to attend field trips the business department recently took one to Huddle, a Lincoln sports business. Business instructor Mr. Luke Grossnicklaus took 28 students there to build upon their curriculum, but also to get some real-world experience.

“It’s always a very impactful time when we go to actual business,” Mr. Grossniklaus said. “Getting to see a business at one, especially one that students think is interesting, is a super beneficial time.”

The company Hudl is a prime example of a company that appeals to a younger workforce. The unique style of Hudl intrigued the students.

“There was a very different feel to Hudl,” Mr. Grossniklaus said. “Hudl uses what’s called an active workplace, which means there are no cubicles or work desks. Everyone is always moving, so I thought that this was very impactful for the students. We often talk about how professional the business world is in class, but this really gave the students the idea that the workplace can be laid back and more enjoyable.”

The journalism department also found a passionate workplace. They were hosted by KETV at Burlington Station to see what it means to work in the professional news industry. The means of news production, marketing, engineering, film editing and newscasting were all explained. 

“You could really tell that everyone at KETV really enjoyed being there,” junior Madison Nash said. “There was a drive to really capture the stories they were putting out.”

KETV took the groundwork that the journalism the students have and explained what that would look like on a professional level. In doing so, a change in students’ perspectives has already begun to show.

“I’ve actually seen a lot of improvement and more motivation in the staff’s work,” Nash said. “You wouldn’t think that one trip could change the work so much, but it had a big impact.”

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The journalism department toured the KETV studio at Burlington Station. “We learned a lot of tips for when we cover events and people in the yearbook,” Madison Nash (11) said. “I’m sure that the trip was very beneficial for every staff, and their work will improve a lot.” The student-journalists got to learn about the production, engineering, editing and sales that the news outlet does.

The journalism students were not the only ones to be inspired. Recently, some HAL students left for a trip to Morrissey Engineering in Omaha. There they met with two engineers that showed the students the project planning processes and executions.

“The best part of it was how honest the engineers were with the students,” HAL instructor Mr. Rick Arch said. “They were so insightful with their education process, their life, and how they are today.”

Morrissey Engineering covers a wide range of fields that could engage students. The company specializes in cybersecurity, building security, electrical work and programming.

“This will aid many of the students down the road if they do consider engineering as an occupation,” Mr. Arch said. “The trip provided a really good life model, and it helped show how a lot of doors open up with an engineering degree.”

These trips all sampled the professional world for students by letting them see the everyday ins-and-outs of a company. The trips allowed students to dip their toes into a new environment and hopefully inspire them to engage more with the outside world in general.