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Staying Organized: At 3:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12, Matthew McKinney (21) and Sarah Turpen (21) walked around the school to collect, count and tally up how many socks were in each first-hour sock box. I am the president of the student council, so that is why I was involved in the sock drive, Turpen said. My job was to advertise to fellow students as well as collect socks. The donated socks will be evenly distributed between Open Door Mission locations in Lincoln and Omaha.

Battling for Breakfast

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
February 23, 2021
School Representation: In the Side Kitchen Name Survey Google Form, students have the ability to vote from one of four logos designed by both the fall and spring marketing classes. These logos feature names Dragon Diner, Snack n Go, Dragon Lane and Drag N Go. I love this project, marketing teacher Ms. Chris Swantek said. I love the real-world application of it and think that it is great students were able to use skills from a class and combine it with something they, as well as other students, will be able to see. Located in their emails, these potential logos for the side-kitchen are available for GHS students to vote on. (Feature Photo)

Making a Comeback

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
February 3, 2021
Future Business Leader: Member of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), Karlee Lobsiger (21), wears a shirt featuring the clubs name wrapped around an American flag. In March, we go to a state tournament and compete by taking a test, Lobsiger said. We also do fundraising such as flower and butter braid sales. Each month, FBLA club members come together to discuss business and leadership opportunities.

Dragon Activity Shirts

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
December 17, 2020
Case Updates: A bar graph created by GPS publicly displays the current number of active and recovered COVID-19 cases there are throughout the district. We follow the Sarpy/Cass Health Departments directive measures and requirements for screening, exclusion and re-admittance of ill students, nurse Mrs.Bridgett Plathe said. This has changed several times since the start of school and will most likely continue to change as new research and date is collected on the novel virus. In total, GHS has 13 active cases (green) with 170 recovered cases of COVID-19 (yellow).

Wrapping-Up Semester One

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
December 17, 2020
Flavor Frenzy: A quantity of six doughnuts features flavors bananas foster, fruity pebbles, Nutella dream, original glazed, apple pie and funnel cake. In addition to six, The Dapper Doughnut also sells doughnuts in quantities of 12, 24 and 48. Through the duration of the winter season, The Dapper Doughnut will have maple joe, apple cider cinnamon and peppermint vanilla doughnuts available to customers.

The Dapper Doughnut

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
December 11, 2020
Step 1: Check Temperatures
In the triage center, students are required to maintain six feet of space from one another while waiting to get their temperature checked by either of the two school nurses. If their temperature is higher than normal and/or they are experiencing multiple symptoms of COVID-19, they are required to wait in the secondary health office. (behind the door pictured)

Admin Reports Rise In Cases

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
September 24, 2020
Life as a Barista: Kaleigh Zollman (22) poses for a photo in her Scooters uniform before heading to work. Since I started work in May, I had to wear a mask for six to seven hours, Zollman said. This made coming back to school a lot easier because I am used to wearing a mask now. This school year, Zollman plans on continuing to work at Scooters and hopes that it will not conflict with her busy schedule of newspaper and show choir.

Overcoming Obstacles

Kalei Renner, Photo Editor
August 24, 2020
Searching for Caches: Hailey Wojtas (22) is searching for a geocache on the back side of Salon DeMarco Suites. Sometimes finding a geocache can be really difficult, Wojtas said. When theyre small, theyre often placed in hard to reach areas such as in trees, gutters and bushes. When searching for a geocache, participants must be very observant in the area(s) they are searching for the cache in so that they do not miss out on discovering it.

Real-Life Treasure Hunting

Kalei Renner, Staff Reporter
May 16, 2020
Staying Healthy: At Zorinsky lake, a sign towards the entrance of the lake shows a list of social distancing guidelines in both the Spanish and English language. In order to be practicing proper social distancing, lake users must avoid gathering in groups of 10, using the public playground and being in another persons 6 feet of space.

Easing Restrictions

Kalei Renner, Staff Reporter
May 8, 2020
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