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Once a doll clothes and towel seamstress, Mrs. Musil has set those aside to help her community by making masks.

Armor or Couture

May 11, 2020

A family divided by spilt blood. Brooke Winters was eager to restart her life, new school, fresh start, no one would know her. What she didn't know was her fresh wouldn't start of simple, she wouldn't be 'the new girl', she would be the girl whose mother murdered her father. Is there anyway to come back from that. How can one pick up the pieces when everything has been shattered? Read to find out.

The Last to Let Go

May 10, 2020

Sonic Drive-In Sees Rise in Sales

 Counting Down. After a long day of work, sonic employees count down their changers and deposit the money they made that day. The count down process can take between five to 20 minutes depending on the amount the employee collected that day.

Emma Mayer, Staff Reporter

May 6, 2020

Students were given the creative freedom to put the design together as they choose, but also had a few guidelines and requirements to include.
“He (Mr. Raybourn) wanted something a little different,” Graphic Design Instructor Mr. Michael Moore said. “He wanted something more biker, rocker. He wanted a full skull with the weights sitting behind it.”

Not So Simple

December 24, 2019

Behind the Badge: Walking the halls, Deputy Dales makes sure everyone is safe and doing what they are supposed to. He is always ready to act in case of an emergency.

More Than a Deputy

November 10, 2019

More Opportunities: UNMC offers courses High School may not be able to.“ I chose to go to UNMC after watching my sister have a great experience and fall in love with medicine. Me, having an interest in the medical field, wanted to have that same opportunity.” Daffer (20) said.” A few pieces of advice I would give to someone interested in the UNMC High School Alliance would be learning how you study best, apply early, get comfy with driving a lot and learn how to manage your time. UNMC is challenging, but you will get out only as much as put in.”

One Step Ahead

November 10, 2019

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