Gretna East High School Opens Soon

Gretna Gets Ready For a Big Impact

TOO MANY STUDENTS During games students are watched by teachers and principals to make sure students are safe and are behaving. “When kids come to the game we want kids to be kind and respectful and not be inappropriate and rude,” assistant principal Mr. Chad Jepsen said. “There are difficulties because there are a lot of kids and the more kids the harder it is for us but we try the hardest to watch. There are positives for so many kids because it shows how many people are there to support whoever is playing but as the new high school comes and less students it will be easier for us teachers and principals to watch the students. The challenge right now is keeping that space maintained so everyone is safe and having fun.”

A new school is opening up in Gretna called Gretna East High School. This high school is going to have a big impact. Gretna has only had one high school since 1964. Before Gretna High School was built, Gretna had a two-story brick schoolhouse in 1888 for all K-12 students. The new high school will help Gretna and will help split the 1,544 students.
This school is going to have a big impact on Gretna and will help many students. Not only will this be good for the overcrowding in GHS but it will also help with the crowding in the parking lots. Not only will this help students but this will also help teachers.
Not only will there be less crowding in the student parking lot but it will also help with the classroom crowding. Teachers will have fewer students to teach. This will help teachers with fewer students’ grades and easier to make lesson plans.
As for teachers and students, bus drivers will not need to drive so far due to the district being split. The district will be split into half and will decide based on where students live which school they will be going to for high school.
In the whole Gretna High School, there are about 1,544 students. This many students can put a lot of stress on the teachers, students, and most importantly the principal in GHS Mr. Todd Muller. The principal has to make sure that all 1,544 students are safe and are getting the right education they need. He also has to make sure he keeps the students safe by disciplining the students who do not comply with the school rules. Which can be a lot. The new high school will help the principles of not having to keep track of so many students.